Hello, Runkle Families!
I hope you all have had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, which certainly feels different this year having the first days of the new school year already under our belts!
I am pleased to announce that we have hired Leslie Chambers to teach Physical Education while Jen Schultz continues with her recovery this fall.  Ms. Chambers has taught Physical Education in the Burlington and Oxford Public Schools, has coached varsity Field Hockey and is also a long-time Lacrosse Official in Central Massachusetts.  In addition to Ms. Chambers and Mr. McTaggart, we are fortunate to have Steven Lore join Runkle this year in a part-time capacity to teach some of our middle school physical education classes.  We will be sharing Mr. Lore, who comes to us from the Milestones Day School in Waltham, with several other Brookline schools this year.
One issue that I ask for everyone’s support involves vehicular drop-off and pick-up along Druce Street.  If you do need to drop off your children to school, please make sure that the children exit the car on the passenger side, closest to our sidewalk.  Please pay attention to the parking signs along the street, and note that much of the curbside in front of the school is devoted to handicapped and van/bus parking.  Please make sure to leave these areas clear at all times for those students and their families to access.  Students may be dropped off curbside at the top (prior to the steps) or the bottom (beyond the dumpster) of Druce Street.  We all agree that the safety of our children is our top priority – please let’s all do our parts to ensure safe arrivals and departures!
If you have not done so already, please take note of Superintendent Andrew Bott’s recent email regarding emergency communication and student records information, as well as updates on contract negotiations, planning for the 9th Elementary School  and BHS expansion.
We hope to see you all at the Back-to-School Picnic this Thursday evening!
Jim Stoddard



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