Dear Runkle Families,

Welcome to Spring! I wanted to take this opportunity to share some Runkle updates from the Vice Principal. I love my new position at Runkle! I cannot express how much I have enjoyed getting to know your children from Pre-K to 8 th grade. Runkle is a special place to work. We are almost finished with MCAS. This month, grades 3-8 completed the Math assessments. Last week, grades 5 and 8 took additional Science and Technology assessments. We will complete Make-Up testing this week, and I will ship the boxes off on Thursday with a very big smile. As much as teachers, Mr. Stoddard, and I have tried to ease the minds of students, we know the testing can be stressful.

That being said, we continue to have fun and learn! The school is now decorated with the beautiful artwork of your children. We will celebrate Music and Art all week and culminate with the Runkle Art Show Thursday night at 5:30. Bren Bataclan will be at Runkle all week as well. He will meet with our students on Monday to explain his artistic process and goals for kindness. He will draw with 45 students (chosen by lottery) on Monday afternoon and begin his painting on Tuesday. We will unveil the murals on Friday morning.

Our Coed Indoor Soccer team will be in the playoffs this week, and our track team will compete on Monday and Wednesday.

Mr. Stoddard was able to enjoy International Night on Friday. Thank you to all the parents and volunteers who made this incredible night happen. The diversity and rich culture that Runkle families bring to our community is appreciated and valued.

I read a great article this weekend instead of finishing my teacher evaluations. It addressed “8 Pathways to Every Student’s Success,” (Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD). The article spoke about how students’ relationships with teachers, parents, and supportive adults determine how they will acquire their personal guidance systems in life. The pathways are Curiosity, Sociability, Resilience, Self-Awareness, Integrity, Resourcefulness, Creativity, and Empathy. Runkle teachers and staff support and value these pathways in our students. We work to provide the scaffolding that will lead our students towards self-sufficiency as adults, a goal we all want for our children. This, more than test scores, is the growth we value.

Have a great week,

Donna Finnegan

Vice Principal


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