Dear Families,
The schoolhouse is starting to come alive with student artwork in advance of next week’s Music and Arts Festival! Many thanks to our Visual Arts teacher Marissa Donnelly, who is filling in for Ms. Ortiz during her maternity leave, and her slew of parent volunteer assistants, who have begun ‘installing’ student art throughout the school.
Two interesting articles came across my desk this week that I have deemed “tweet-worthy”.  (Follow us @RunkleSchool; you can also access them via the right-side column twitter-feed on (http://runkle  One article, from, shines a light on the concept of “Invisible Disabilities,” such as Fibromyalgia or Lyme Disease, conditions where people may display no outward physical manifestations of pain or suffering, but nonetheless constantly battle significant obstacles towards everyday functioning, as well as, unfortunately, societal confusion and occasional hostility.  “It’s that invisible nature of an illness that people don’t understand,” says one I.D. advocate.   The other article, from the New York Times, discusses “the Mindful Child,” and speaks to the positive, sometimes game-changing effects of meditation on children’s self-regulation and focus.  The article concludes with the thought “Perhaps encouraging meditation and mind-body practices will come to be recognized as being as essential to smart parenting as teaching your child to work hard, eat healthfully and exercise regularly.”  

Jim Stoddard

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