Wellness Policy Review

  1. Food and Nutrition Subcommittee: B. Neuefeind presented the food environment survey results, results of the community (Feb. 4 and 9) and student forums (Feb. 25 and 26), and progress made thus far to draft the food portion of the policy. This work is ongoing. The next Food and Nutrition Subcommittee meeting is March 8, 2016.
  2. Jacobs and M. Minot presented the efforts to develop the physical activity/health education and mental health portions of the policy, respectively. Work in these areas is ongoing.
  • The issue of sleep as a part of the wellness policy was raised by a committee member for consideration. It is presently part of the mental health section, but may be warranted in the nutrition and/or physical activity/health education sections.
  • Mary Ellen Dunn, Deputy Superintendent for Administration and Finance noted that the draft Meal Charge Policy is still being refined. Members of the Food and Nutrition Subcommittee will be asked to provide feedback. This policy is separate from the Wellness Policy. Further, the position for the Director of Food and Nutrition Services will be posted soon.

Committee Reports

  • Guidance (C. Palmer)—There is ongoing development of K-8 guidance competencies to create guidance expectations across the district. Resources are also being collected which the department hopes to provide via its website during 2016.
  • Health Department (L. Karsten)—In April during Public Health Week, there are a number of events planned, including a Youth Climate Adaptation Challenge (Pierce School), a girls night out to ‘relax, recharge and be entertained,’ Wildcrafting: Foraging for edible and medicinal plants, and more April 2-7, 2016. The health department will circulate flyers about these events.
  • Recreation—Spring recreation sign-ups are underway. Summer camp opportunities are also available.
  • School Health—Narcan will be available in every schools as a precaution; the likely need is anticipated to be adults working in or visiting schools. Nurses are working on strengthening and supporting communication channels between nurses, pediatricians, and families.

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