Hello, everyone — and welcome back to Runkle!  I hope you all were able to spend Quality Time with your families during this past week.  

This week is brought to you by the letter S!  The Superintendent Search is now in high gear.  The three finalists will each be spending a full day in Brookline this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Part of each itinerary will be brief visits to three of the K-8 schools; Runkle is now one of the three destinations. Complete schedules, along with ways for parents to participate in the process, can be found at http://www.brookline.k12.ma.us/supersearch (http://www NULL.brookline NULL.k12 NULL.ma NULL.us/supersearch) .  (I believe this information was sent to all PSB families prior to vacation.)  

Also of note this week:  Runkle’s Standardized testing Schedule for English – Language Arts is now set:

GRADES 3 & 5

Part 1 – Tuesday, March 29

Part 2a – Wednesday, March 30

Part 2b – Friday, April 1


GRADES 4 & 7

Part 1 – Tuesday, April 5

Part 2a – Thursday, April 7

Part 2b – Friday, April 8


GRADES 6 & 8

Part 1 – Thursday, March 31

Part 2a – Monday, April 4

Part 2b – Wednesday, April 6

Parts 1 and 2a are the traditional MCAS Reading Comprehension sessions.  Part 2b is the PARCC Narrative Writing Task.  It is a 60-minute assessment (untimed for students with disabilities) that is part of MCAS’s transition to the new “MCAS 2.0” assessment currently in development and scheduled to begin in 2017.  (More information on “MCAS 2.0″can be found at http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/nextgen/.) (http://www NULL.doe NULL.mass NULL.edu/mcas/nextgen/ NULL.))  Please note that students’ scores on Part 2b will not be factored in to their MCAS scores this year.   Also, because of the introduction of this new component, the state has shortened the second day of testing for Reading Comprehension.  

Please do your best to ensure a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast for your children on all days, including those involving standardized testing!

Best wishes,

Jim Stoddard

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