Dear Families,

I ask for the help of all who drive their children to school to please adhere to the posted traffic signs around the perimeter of the school.  In particular, please make sure to leave adequate space for the two school vans that drop off students each morning.  These vans typically drop off at the far end of the “No Parking – Bus Drop-off/Pick-up” zones.   We will put out orange cones, as we have done in the past, to help parents with this starting this week.  In addition, the area directly beyond where the vans park is our Handicapped Parking area.  Please know that this area is for Handicapped Use exclusively — it is not to be used as a drop-off area for non-handicapped passengers.  Thank you for your support with this, and of course, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  

Transitioning from outside the schoolhouse to inside: As most of you know, the Public Schools of Brookline has had “Elementary World Language” (Spanish here at Runkle and most of the other schools) as part of its K-6 curriculum for close to ten years now, followed by student/family choice of French or Spanish starting in Grade 7.  Beginning next year, the choice between two world lanaguages for Brookline students will begin in Grade 6, and not in Grade 7.  Dawn Carney, K-8 World Languages Curriculum Coordinator, will be coming to Runkle to talk with our current 5th graders to learn about the world language opportunities for them in Grades 6-8.  Ms. Carney will be sending more information to parents about the selection process shortly via Connect-Ed.  

On the topic of this year’s 5th grade, I am pleased to report that, when these students do transition to 6th grade in September, there will indeed be three sections for what has historically been a two-section grade!


From the Runkle Literacy Team:

Writing Workshop at Runkle School:

Exciting changes have been happening during Writing Workshop at Runkle School! Brookline is adopting Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study in Writing, which have been developed by the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.  Professional development was provided for Runkle staff to introduce the Units of Study in Writing and to see how the strategies and skills build upon each other.  Students in Kindergarten – 5th Grade completed the Narrative Writing Unit this fall.  Both teachers and students were enthusiastic about the writing and publishing they did in conjunction with these units.

By the end of the school year, Kindergarten – 8th Grade will each complete the Argument Writing Unit.  In this unit, students will learn about persuasive writing appropriate to their grade level.  In 2nd grade, for example, students will write to persuade others to read a book theyíve read using examples from the texts.  In 5th grade, they will write a research-based argument essay where they build arguments using evidence, analysis and counterclaims.  We are looking forward to seeing the continued development and growth of Runkle students as writers!

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