Come learn the basics of a yoga! You will learn fundamental yoga poses that flow from one pose to the next. This will involve strength building, flexibility, and breath work. Yoga is a great way to manage stress, strengthen your body, increase flexibility, and prevent injuries.

Tuesdays: December 1, 8, 15, 22, January 5
2:40-3:40 except 12/8 which is early release
This class taught by Runkle’s own Eva Sevian Sklaver.
Eva is a certified yoga instructor who has been practicing for over a decade and is currently teaching yoga at BEEP.  She is also certified grade school and special Ed teacher.
Please let us know if you plan to attend by filling out this form (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?f=001LKOzbOBKSqNu8ZUhwW-4NKqvsVWTfswChzNTZsMsxKgQ0VXIRL9154VBMnOxVJgRAuIvAuKE1lM1P6eYIYSZzfMVgJoRnciEdCdo2o3O_bo4BkkXEgLTuGDXJ78IRgt9smDhLnLfONzsReGuo3YzieBfsAcxgSzRB6GSiKZ-_vwLUWefTUaWvxKwJSEpykoFLv4LEdV90bZBwH3bJXlGdhzuGvUgIbIIRW_2mlyrRgpc7Dgv4RVdwxUg-B7hy0pOMmDepx3c_Ik=&c=3Rk3MCVr1bbI2Sf0MzhCzwghR2fpw2brVhz_SimfamNuuK_g71bv0w==&ch=Y7u9lLLHc65Nsh5e9Hdk_MXWUinBiNQqlV4aQj9YXVkd1Rdaoq2d7g==). There are a limited number of yoga mats available. Contact Sandy Costello at (samcos2001 null@null yahoo for more information. 

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