Sleeper Library Book Fair

in partnership with

 Porter Square Books


Monday, May 4th – Friday, May 8th


Dear Runkle Families,

 It’s time for the Sleeper Library Book Fair!

 Buying books at the Book Fair is easy, either visit the Book Fair at Runkle or go online:

 Visiting the Book Fair

  • Class Visits with teachers take place during the school day.
  • Bring the whole family for Family Night on Wednesday, May 6th from 5 pm to 7 pm.
  • Come with your child After School from 2:30 until 3:00pm, Monday, May 5th – Thursday, May 8th
  • Payments can be made with Cash, Check (payable to “Runkle PTO”), or a Major credit card. Massachusetts state sales tax charged on all purchases

The Book Fair online!

  • May 4th through May 8th
  • More books can be purchased online at the Porter Square Books website at (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?f=001cN3gOjk4-DynCLGzdv9Pnx-rTiUxJLMc8yf5_EKYcSv3DHIRpvLbdjLCEJvI6V4yk04yFVgkvlz8aDlndWTbptp3czix2w_2LB73XwZPO30vG_bv0ikUzKEzswVfb8mVk14XMwTGTs7xdvQbHq6NoEkUHoN2BjYFM6Ce8I-k2NmOVLqt75lqXg==&c=k9J2rUnNxTUBXGHOn9byLYTptzKCld75_FK2admBUwLZ_KQyYLlvYw==&ch=iu8spgfBGI5ZszvJq-dAsMs5eT_TUKxkEVf3uP8EXoNRLW6Kam2GLQ==).
  • Enter “Runkle School” in the comment field when making an online purchase.
  • Online orders ship to school for free and will be distributed once received.
All Book Fair purchases will benefit the Sleeper Library, allowing it to provide the best book and technology resources for K-8 students. Thank you for your cooperation in making the 2015 Book Fair a great success!

Happy Reading!

Teresa Gallo-Toth – K-8 Librarian

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