John Runkle School
School Council Meeting Minutes – DRAFT

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Martin Sleeper Library

Members present: E. Ascoli, V. Beauchaine, D. Bhatia (4:30), S. Costello, S. Gold (4:15), K. Haynes, D. Mercer, S. Ola, E. Perez, T. Paradise
Members absent: A. Depew, S. Convicer, J. Morgenstern,

Meeting called to order: 4:02

I. Welcome

Members introduced themselves and shared some of what they value as part of the community: welcoming, relationships, quality of education, supportive families, vibrancy of this special community, wisdom and expertise, and the collaboration.

II. Council Introduction

V. Beauchaine took members through the School Council purpose and functions.

Council members were provided with a reminder to complete online Open Meeting Law training if they haven’t already done it. Reminder to submit signatures to V. Beauchaine.

III. Current Issues/Public Comment


IV. Approval of Minutes 6-4-14 and 5-28-14


Quorum not present, minutes tabled until next meeting.

V. School Improvement Plan Orientation

Brief overview of SIP Goals for 2014-2015.
Because the SIP guides the work of the school and V. Beauchaine is passionate about it, there was discussion about how to get the community excited about hearing about the SIP. Do people feel informed, so they don’t attend the SIP presentation? More discussion to follow at future meeting.

VI. Co-Chair Election

E. Perez nominated by S. Costello, seconded by T. Paradise. Unanimously elected and accepted the co-chair position.

VII. Other

Conversation about playground use after school. Although students need to leave the building at the end of their day, there is no policy prohibiting students from playing outside of school. R.E.D. teachers may ask students who are not enrolled in R.E.D. to leave if they are causing material disruption to the R.E.D. program in session.

Meeting adjourned at 5:29

Minutes respectfully submitted by S. Costello

Documents included with minutes:

School Council Meeting Agenda
Role Rotation Schedule for Minutes and Time Keeper
Slide presentation by V. Beauchaine: School Council Purpose, School Improvement Plan Goal Review

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