May Brings the Book Fair!!!!

Fair Dates:
Monday, May 5th – Friday, May 9th

During the school day, K-8 classes will visit the Fair

Additional Fair Hours:
Morning Fair Hours: Monday- Friday 7:45-8:00 am
After school Fair Hours: Monday- Thursday 2:30-3:00 pm

Friday, May 9th the Fair closes at 11:00 am

Delivery Date:  May 1, or before

Set-Up Date:    Fri., May 2*
Training: 11:15 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.
Set-up: 11:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.

What to volunteer for:
*You can volunteer to help:
(a)  set up the Friday before the fair starts (i.e. May 2),
(b) pack up the fair on Friday May 9th, or
(c) work at the fair during its open hours. Many parents enjoy volunteering during the time slot that their child’s class is scheduled to attend the fair.  This information is noted on the sign up.

*PLEASE NOTE:  If you choose to volunteer during the fair open hours, it would be very helpful if you could attending the training session held by the Scholastic Rep on the current electronic cash register system on Friday May 2, 2014 from 11:15-11:45am  in the library.  [Only volunteers who have attended the training session can use the Scholastic  provided computerized cash registers.  You can still work during fair hours if you don’t attend the training – it’s just that it can be very helpful to have a number of volunteers to trained to use the equipment.]

To volunteer – please sign up at the link below.  Please note that although the sign up is live, not all of the classroom visit times have been set.  If you would like to work during your own student’s class visit – please check back to the link shortly and that information should be available. (http://r20 NULL.rs6 NULL.jsp?f=001Zepql-x7NLiBx_DEehm57BtPEFjQ58f4FT0csV6eCQfY2EebQlLCesuv-n8FleG4V_qLDuEYDdTc7OdYmnF3P5riVYYOgXulJKROWoSETbqMda2YcaWNkzC9J_9GFJy83VxG5u4lRt2W37XKCnpjvXYpun0xoSuBuDqGAHELwxc4CwL5BCcFE-WPD-RKm2mOKeCH8Rvh-HpK1_T-ccDy2w==&c=tA_caSzgKTyQI331RXufXvTAfDVluiiGoDPmuir3SRsD0uV-Jpq2XA==&ch=1OBBlQXA7tPh_WxZ8MiHlotfF6Y0Yr0UE_4-8pHw26vApORL-NiYvg==)

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