Introduction to Special Education Staff:

Karen Shmukler – Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

Mark Nacht – Co-Dir of SpEd PreK-8, Baker, Driscoll, Devotion and Heath, BEEP

Emily Frank – Co-Dir of SpEd PreK-8, Lincoln, Lawrence, Runkle, Pierce, Home Services

Jeanne Farrel – Out of District Coordinator

Sarah Orlov – SpEd Administrator 9-12

There is a organizational chart of the Brookline Public Schools Office of Student Services but it needs to be updated and will be available soon.

Each Town Hall meeting will have a representative from Student Services present.

Speakers scheduled for the upcoming year:

Dr.Van Hahn, Pediatric Behavioralist with Tufts will be presenting a 3 part series. Dates to be determined.

Discussed budget for outside speakers. Give her potential presenters

ADHD/ Executive Functioning

Open Questions Discussion:

Executive Functioning – Currently at the Driscoll grades 3-8 there is a red Binder System being implemented – “Dragon”. It is a cohesive presentation of homework that the student uses to organize his/her studies and work load. The Guidance Counselors are working closely with the Teaching teams to instruct and maintain the initiative of Executive Functioning throughout the student population.

Social Skills Groups – The Social Skills Groups are in the midst of being reformatted. Social Skills Groups will no longer be included on the IEP grid but will be an integration of students those with and IEP and those without an IEP. The groups will strive to be modeled on:

* Social Thinking Curriculum

* Play based

* Older groups – mixed community based

Guidance Counselors will be integral in choosing who attends. As of today at the Runkle, there is still no formation of a Social Skills Group. Follow-up will be pursued and related as more developments occur. Once it is up and running, Runkle will be the first school to offer this group and then Devotion will follow probably mid year. After these groups trial periods are completed, other schools will follow.


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