Inspiring Curious, Life-Long Learners in PreK-8 Science

Over the last few years, the preK-8 Science program has begun updating the Science curriculum to incorporate the use of science notebooks, inquiry, and hands-on activities. Our goal is to provide engaging, rich opportunities that allow all students to develop a deep, enduring understanding of how to think and work as scientists, as well as key scientific concepts that will have real world connections/value for them throughout their entire lives. We encourage curiosity and hope that our students will become life-long learners, always eager to learn more about the world around them. As we develop new/revised units, we are also integrating with other areas of the curriculum (including Engineering) and focusing on the use of higher order thinking skills (21st Century skills). In addition, students will be provided with opportunities to study the work of professional scientists and to learn how scientific thinking has (and continues to) change over time as new evidence is uncovered and new tools become available.

An additional goal of the updated units is to empower students to be stewards of our environment and responsible global citizens. In order to do this, we are weaving outdoor learning (using school gardens and Brookline’s nature areas) into learning experiences for students of all ages.

The curriculum is designed to carefully build on learning experiences from year to year, focusing on similar big scientific ideas but in different contexts and at age-appropriate levels. Some of the topics that your children will be investigating include:

preK– Exploring the World Outside Our Window

Kindergarten – Discovering Nature, Investigating Water, Structures

1st Grade – Insect Detectives, Light & Shadows

2nd Grade – How & Why Things Move, Soil/Worm Investigations, Nutrition

3rd Grade – Mammal Detectives, Structures, The Skeletal System

4th Grade – Plant Explorers, Geology

5th Grade – BirdSleuths, Light & Sound, Earth/Sun/Moon System

6th Grade – Ecosystems, Earth-The Water Planet, The Nervous System

7th Grade – Earth Science, Ecology, Cells, Genetics

8th Grade – Meteorology, Force and Motion, Solar System, Chemistry

We are very excited about the ongoing changes to the preK-8 Science program and the opportunity to show your children how fun and engaging science can be!


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