Call for Parent Volunteers

Mathematics Program Review Committee

Enrichment & Challenge Support Program (ECS) Program Review Committee

The Office of Teaching and Learning is recruiting parent volunteers to serve on the Program Review Committees for the K-12 Mathematics program and the Enrichment and Challenge Support Program. This is an excellent opportunity to work collaboratively with a cross-section of the community on a project that will directly result in improving achievement for all students.

What is Program Review? Since 2004, all Brookline Public School programs and curriculum areas enter in and work through a review process, during which a committee gathers information and examines data to develop goals and identify strategies for continuous program improvement. The goal of the review process is to improve student achievement. A Program Review committee is responsible for working through this process for each program. Both Mathematics and ECS are entering into their second round of Program Review this year.

Who is on the committee? Each Program Review committee will include teacher, administrator, and parent representatives. Committees are chaired by the Director of Program Review and Grants, Amy Martin, and the curriculum coordinator(s) for the programs under review. Committee members must be willing to study current research, to analyze data, to maintain confidentiality, to be full of questions not answers, to honor group process and to value collaboration. We are looking for two-three parents for each review committee, and are looking for representation across grades and schools.*

Time commitment: The entire review process for a program will take approximately one-two years of committee work. Committee members must be able to attend monthly after-school meetings (held on Thursdays, from 3-4:30pm). In between the monthly after-school meetings, members will review information, raise questions, and participate in activities as determined by the committee. Committee members must be able to attend these meetings.

  • This year’s 2013 meeting dates for Mathematics are 1/31, 3/14, 4/4, 5/2 and 5/30.
  • This year’s 2013 meeting dates for ECS are 1/17, 2/14, 3/21, 4/11 and 5/16


If you are interested serving on one of these committees, please contact your PTO president for an application, or e-mail the Director of Program Review and Grants, Amy Martin: (amy_martin null@null brookline NULL.k12 Applications are due on December 20. Parent representatives will be notified by January 2, 2013.


*In forming committees, co-chairs will be looking to make sure that different schools and various perspectives are represented. Special consideration might be afforded to parents with background in a specific field directly related to the program being reviewed. Final decisions on committee membership rest with the Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning. 


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