submitted respectfully by Runkle SEPAC liaisons Trish Blair Choyce and Gabriella Strecker


Kirsten Esposito Balboni – Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
Sarah Orlay – Director of Special Education BHS
Cathy Kilcoyne – Directore of Pre-K – 8th Grade
Amy Kershaw – School Committee, Social Liaison
Elizabeth Myska – SEPAC Co-Chair Lew Cohen – SEPAC Co-Chair
Mary Lynn Pergantis, BHS Liaison
Trish Blair Choyce and Gabriella Strecker, Runkle Liaisons
Lisa Scher and Nicholas Carlin, Driscoll Liaisons
Sibel Benmayer, Baker Liaison
Dana Ramon, Devotion Liaison

EFT Baker – Patricia English Sands
COBAP update of their last meeting. Currently 130 students on listserv within COBAP.
Board would like to serve SEPAC and COBAP on a holistic level rather than an
individual level.

By end of November families will receive a mailing containing a Parentʼs Right brochure
and a SEPAC letter from Kirsten Esposito Balboni. Some families will receive
information and forms regarding eligibility of MassHealth & Medicaid. These families are
strongly encouraged to fill forms out in order for the town to receive supplemental
income that will benefit special education in the district. For students 18 years of age,
eligibility is determined on the basis of parents income as well as the severity of the
disability or if the child is over 18, it will then be determined on an individual level.

Mini-Series Morning Sessions w/ Dr. Erik Von Hahn:
A 3 part series of lectures will be given by Dr. Erik Von Hahn. Dr. Von Hahn is the BPS
Physician and is a Developmental Pediatrician who is affiliated with Tufts Floating
Hospital. The series will explore:
• Physiological Rhythm and Routines: eating and sleeping.
• Executive Skills: completing routines and following rules
• Socializing successfully: emotional self regulation and peer interaction
• Homework
Brochures will be distributed at schools via liaisons, on the SEPAC website and town
school websites. There may be a possibility of submitting questions prior to the follow
up Dialogue portion of each lecture. Dates slated for these events are December 12,
2012, January 16, 2012 and February 13, 2012 8:15-9:30am; 9:30am-10:00am for
followup Dialogue.  More information to follow.

Student Service Website:
This website is currently under construction and will include many exciting updates!
There will be 5 new tabs.
1. Program and Services from Pre-K through Post Grad (21 y/o) – list the various
programs and services available through Special Education that you child may or
may not be eligible to receive which are determined by your team.
2. IEP Process. This tab will help families understand the process and provide a DESE
link. Will also have section that describes what may be the “Best service(s) for my
3. Resources. This tab will list various (but not all) resources available.
4. Strategies. This tab will explore Executive Functioning resources.
5. Student Services. Special Education, Home School, Homeless Families, 504B Plan,
Procedures for IEP – Solicit feedback.
Where are we?    How do we get there?   Where do we want to be?

This portion of the meeting focused on the “experience” of the IEP meeting process
from the perspective of the parent. BPS personnel gather information from those who
were present. Some positive and negative points were documented. Some concerns
voiced were of newly written information with no prior acknowledgement of content
being given during the meeting, a draft of the IEP is given to the parent before the
meeting and it is predetermined before the meeting that certain services are not
deemed necessary but no prior evaluation/observation was documented to support
such decision.

Currently the administration would like to create a uniformed IEP process across the
board throughout the district that will meet the legal aspects of the process as well as
meet the concerns/needs of the families. One of the main objectives in this process is
to make the team meetings to go as smoothly as possible with all parties being properly
prepared and informed. All schools in the district will conduct meetings in the same
fashion. There will be an opportunity of reviewing and understanding the “updated” IEP
process after it is completed.

SEPAC Executive Committee will meet with SpEd Administration on November 29, 2012
to discuss overview of Pre-K through high school, long term items and goals.

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