Runkle School Council

Meeting minutes (draft as of November 2, 2012)

Wednesday, November 1, 2012

Martin Sleeper Library, Runkle School

Members present:  V.  Beauchaine, M. Bienen,  A. Depew, D. Dixon, T. Gallo-Toth, V. Godhwani, A. Hummel, R. McElroy, E. Perez, J. Shapiro

Members not present:  J. Katz, C. Pelton, M. Voros

  1. Welcome.  V. Beauchaine called the meeting to order at 4:37 p.m.  She welcomed all.
  2. Approval of Minutes.   Members reviewed draft council meeting minutes from 10/17/12.  After corrections, V. Godhwani  made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by E. Perez.  Approval by those present on 10/17 was unanimous.
  3. Current Issues/Public Comment.  There was no public comment.  No members of the public attended the meeting, and no one signed up in advance.
  4. School Improvement Plan Updates.
    1. Literacy Support (Goal 1).  The K-8 Benchmark Assessment was complete by the end of the 1st week of October.  The results from the assessment have been used to create, inform and guide Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) groups as well as classroom differentiation.  There are 2 LLI groups in first grade, 2 in second grade and 1 in third grade.  LLI groups and initiatives in fourth and fifth grades will start by mid November.  Council members asked questions about the assessment and the intervention.  While the assessment system tools are available to teachers and staff at all grade levels, not every student at every grade level has been assessed this year.  The LLI groups are designed for children up to 5th grade.
    2. Math Support (Goal 1).  Runkle has a new math specialist working Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  She is primarily working in the current 4th grade and her work is being informed by data collected about that cohort in the past.   She also will work with the current 5th grade and will work In partnership with Runkle’s other math specialist.
    3. Literacy Collaborative (Goal 2).  V. Beauchaine explained that three days of professional development with Kristen Battaglia have informed literacy instruction.  T. Gallo-Toth explained the connection between literacy programs and library lessons.  D. Dixon explained that one outgrowth of the professional development has been a cohesion among faculty around available teaching tools.
    4. Smart Boards (Goal 4).  V. Beauchaine said that smart boards are going up in classrooms, and that about 60 percent of them are installed.  Ms. Murphy has been working with teachers on use of smart boards and smart notebooks and has been a valuable source of support.  V. Beauchaine said she plans to circulate a survey to all faculty related to use of smart boards and that the survey will inform a continued discussion of training and certification.
    5. Olweus Bullying Prevention (Goal 6).  All Runkle staff, including RED staff, will be trained in the Olweus program on Tuesday, November 6th.
    6. Understanding Disabilities (Goal  6).  V. Godhwani  attended the first meeting for the Understanding Disabilities Program (UDP).  The dates for the four UDP lessons offered last year have been set.  Some questions remain about a unit on autism.  The new town-wide coordinator will get in touch with V. Beauchaine about that unit.
    7. Other SIP issues to address.  Council members discussed questions related to the progress of former Runkle students in high school, what data exists to address this question and what other data would help inform the Council.   This topic will be further addressed at a future meeting.
  5. Superintendent/School Parent Leaders Meeting Update.  The next meeting is Wednesday, November 7th.  R. McElroy will update the Council at the next meeting.
  6. Building Project Update.
    1. Certificate of occupancy.  V. Beauchaine talked about the need to complete some tasks before the permanent certificate of occupancy issues.  As of the date of the meeting, she had heard that some furniture (such as some oversized computer tables) would be removed from the building.  Printers have been moved to classrooms and out of the hallways.  Smart board material will be removed once smart boards are installed.  Once the building is “cleared” of this type of material and furniture, the final fire inspection can happen.   Please note that there is nothing impeding the egress from the main hallways;  everyone could evacuate safely if the need arose.  V. Beauchaine will continue to ask what else is necessary before the permanent certificate can issue.
    2. Continued work.  V. Beauchaine explained that work continues in the building in a way that is not affecting learning during the school day.  There is a punch list and V. Beauchaine sends updates to it regularly.
    3. Multipurpose Room.  V. Beauchaine said that the K-2 morning meeting was scheduled for November 2nd in the multi.  There still is work, including work necessary to complete installation of a projector and screen that work in the room.
    4. Ribbon cutting.  There is no fixed date for a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Possible dates are on a weekend in early December.  The public will be invited to the ribbon cutting.
  7. Agenda Setting.  V. Beauchaine distributed a list of council meeting dates and the council discussed what topics should be covered at what meeting.
    1. December 6th — Because the council will meet once in December, and will need to (1) review the District Curriculum Action Plan, (2) review 2011-2012 MCAS data, and (3) hear two reports on the superintendent/school parent leaders meeting, V. Beauchaine suggested that the meeting begin at 4.  A number of members will not be able to arrive until 4:30, but the council agreed to begin at 4 nevertheless.
    2. January 3rd – This meeting will include (1) open meeting law updates and a report on December training, and (2) discussion of the preliminary budget.
    3. January 24th – This meeting will include a discussion of data about middle school student progress and the transition to and progress in the high school.  The council discussed data it sees as useful in looking at high school readiness and success.   While some data has been collected, members discussed types of data, ways to collect it and sensitivity to the topic.
    4. March 7th – This meeting will include a discussion of the budget for 2013-14.
    5. V. Beauchaine plans to continue the discussion of agenda setting at a future meeting.
  8. Other.  V. Beauchaine plans to circulate a schedule for taking minutes at the next meeting.

T. Gallo-Toth made a motion to adjourn and it was seconded by M. Bienen.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Depew

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