The week before Halloween, Runkle students will receive boxes from UNICEF (http://www NULL.unicef (United Nations Children’s Fund) as part of their annual Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign.

Students who would like to participate carry their UNICEF boxes with them as they trick-or-treat, collecting spare change from one, some, or any of the houses they visit. Even a penny can help make a difference!
Stuck on how to explain this to your child? Here’s an example of what you could say:


  1. UNICEF is a worldwide organization that helps children like you get clean water, food, doctor visits, and education.
  2. Dimes, nickels and even pennies can help a child. 60 cents can buy 50 water purification tablets, each cleaning over a gallon of water. Even 15 cents can make a difference, as it provides one dose of the vaccine for polio.

For students in the upper grades who might not be in to trick-or-treating but would still like to support the cause, they can bring in any loose change they can scrounge together and give it to Mr. Allyn.

For more information please contact Mark Allyn, 5th grade classroom teacher, at 617 879 5673 or (mark NULL.allyn null@null brookline NULL.k12


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