Druce Street entrance

Dear Runkle Families,

I am pleased to report on the progress made on Druce Street in preparation for our arrival over Columbus Day weekend!

  • The shelving in the Media Center will be completed by this Friday at the latest.
  • Teresa Gallo-Toth will be going over to the building on Thursday, September 27th for a “walk through” before the Library move.  Beginning on Monday, Teresa will be supervising the move as the library materials are unloaded, unpacked, and shelved in the new library space.
  • The office will be completed with the new furniture installed by the end of this week.
  • The classroom furniture is being adjusted to the right height for each grade level.
  • The cafeteria is scheduled to serve hot lunch on our first day on Druce Street, October 11th.  Once everything is set up, the health department will give their final approval.  There are no anticipated problems and this should go smoothly.
  • The Transition Team has been assisting me in arranging for the first few days of school so that everyone will know where to go.  Each family will receive a packet of information “via backpack” on Wednesday, October 3, 2012.  In this packet, you will find a map of where your child will be going to their new class the following week, information about lunches, arrival and dismissal procedures, and other detailed helpful information.
  • Teachers have been brought to the new building for tours each day.  These tours will continue in the early morning and after school next week as well.  These have been helpful in identifying some “punch list” items that I am keeping track of and communicating with the building project manager so that they can be addressed timely.
  • The move has been confirmed with Isaac’s moving company for October 6th, 7th, and 8th.


Enjoy the remainder of your week!



Vanessa C. Beauchaine, Ed.D.

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