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Home Services Updates:

Home Services is no longer being serviced by RCS. Their programs are not being carried over to the new program that is being driven be each individual school. Past data is available for parents viewing. Can be obtained through the Spec Ed Services @ Town Hall.

Who receives Home Services? This service needs to be on the IEP. All types of children are now receiving services, including those on the spectrum. The parents of children who have this service on the IEP have been contacted.

The main objective of Home Services is parent training. Home Services is a school service not a respite service. All services will be given up to 6:00pm – 7:00pm weekdays only. • The BCBA will map out a strategy, go to the home to implement it and train the family and then eventually will fade out of the home setting. The strategy must meet the goals and needs of the IEP.

Home Services fall under the Behavioral Services umbrella. It is district wide throughout all the schools. The BCBA of the individual school will with work in the school as well as the home. This collaboration will allow greater consistency and communication between school and home.

What about “make-up” hours? If there is a question regarding “make-up” hours it is encouraged that the Team Facilitator be contacted.

Home Services guidelines are documented and will be on the town website beginning next week. (The week of 9/24/2012). The BCBA will meet with parents and then these must be signed off by parents.


Town Website proposed changes and updates.

October 1, 2012, the town will have updated their website to make it up to date with staff and contact information.


Brookline Mailings to Parents with an IEP/Contact Info and brief description of who parentsʼ should contact

Work with Team Facilitator to distribute this info. Who to contact:

1. Primary Special Educator or SLP/OT. Can be found on page 1 of the Administrative Data Sheet of the IEP. Any questions or concerns in regard to services should be directed to this person. If these need to be revisited and/or revised then the Team Facilitator will be notified. If your Primary Special Educator is unknown your childʼs Home Room Teacher can also be used as initial contact. He/she will have your childʼs schedule and the specialist he/she is meeting with.

2. Team Facilitator plays the administrative role and helps coordinate meetings between all educators and specialists. They are the schoolʼs direct link to Town Hall.

Hiring of faculty can be done up to the end of September. If any staff changes are made in regard to the specialist your child is seeing a notice will be sent out to the parents. This communication will be worked on. It should be school driven not per specialist.

Any concerns with school faculty should be directed to the Principal.

Special Events and Speakers

No commitments have been made as of yet. The names of the list below were discussed to measure interest.

Thomas Hehir – Professor @ Harvard. Review of Special Education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Where do we stand, what are the issues and how can we fix things. http://www.doe.mass.edu/sped/2012/0412sped.pdf (http://www NULL.doe NULL.mass NULL.edu/sped/2012/0412sped NULL.pdf)

Mindy Paulo – Discussion on Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (K-12) http://www.olweus.org/public/bullying_prevention_program.page (http://www NULL.olweus NULL.org/public/bullying_prevention_program NULL.page)

Erik Van Hann – consulting town psychologist Sarah Wood – executive function – strategies to be implemented in school and home.

Nick Carlin – is a Financial Planner who has expertise with government requirements for entitlements and basics of estate planning

Did not have time to discuss… Karen Schmukler on the subject of Behavioral Specialists

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