Runkle School Council Meeting Minutes – DRAFT

Runkle School Library

June 12, 2012


Members Present: Vanessa Beauchaine, Marian Voros, Rosemary McElroy, Danielle Halwick, George Sopel, Susanna Stern, Jennifer Shapiro, Amy Hummel, Deanne Dixon, Elvira Castelli-Perez, Anne Depew, Valerie Godhwani, Marcy Bienen,


Members Absent: Judy Katz, Chad Pelton, Teresa Gallo-Toth,


Meeting called to order at 4:05 p.m.


Approval of Minutes from the 5/23/12 meeting.


There were three corrections suggested.


Under Goal 1: Academic Excellence, the first sentence was changed to read, “Discussion included questions regarding the implementation of the Runkle Achievement Program.”


Under Goal 3:  Increase Achievement in Math, the last sentence should read, “This model will replace the current “study hall” period and will offer students opportunities for support and enrichment in a range of areas that reflect individual student learning needs and interests in addition to providing some students with additional time for tasks or assignments.”


Under Goal 4:  Technology, a sentence was added, “Curriculum coordinators will be included in the discussion regarding software meant to be used to enhance the curriculum.”


A motion was made to approve the minutes with the corrections.  The motion was unanimously approved by the seven members present at the meeting on May 23, 2012:  M. Voros, D. Halwick, A. Hummel, V. Godhwani, G. Sopel, S. Stern, and V. Beauchaine.


Current Issues/Public Comment


Scott Murphy was present and made two comments:


  1. Requested that the Council publish the School Improvement Plan to the Runkle Community first before posting it on the district site.
  2. The attendance policy for the school should include information about the violations of the Code of Conduct and information about when a student can be removed from class.  In general, the procedures should be outlined clearly and followed consistently.


Acknowledgement of Service


Council members Danielle Halwick, George Sopel, and Susanna Stern were thanked by the Council for their outstanding service to the Runkle community through their participation on the Council for the past three years.





Welcome to New Council Members

New Council members Marcy Bienen, Elvira Castelli-Perez, and Anne Depew were welcomed and each member introduced themselves and what they were looking forward to during the 2012-2013 school year on Druce Street.




R. McElroy shared information from the recent meeting with Dr. Lupini and the parents on the Council and the PTO.  The superintendent shared the positive effect of the Calculus project at the high school, the new information about the school budget and the need to add additional sections in Kindergarten for the upcoming year.  Dr. Lupini also shared information about the agreement reached between MTA and Stand for Children, which proposes an alternative to the ballot initiative and will allow for additional time for districts to implement the new evaluation system.  R. McElroy also reported that the family surveys will be used next year and will be administered thoughtfully to avoid over-surveying the school community.


Regarding the public comment, Council members agreed that in the best case scenario, the School Improvement Plan would be shared first with the Runkle School Community prior to being posted on the district site.  Dr. Beauchaine also explained that the new handbook revisions for the 2012-2013 should address Mr. Murphy’s comment for the need to have the procedures listed clearly and in enough detail to ensure consistency of implementation.


Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Vanessa C. Beauchaine, Ed.D.

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