Runkle School

School Council Meeting


Meeting Minutes – Draft


Meeting called to order at 4:08 in the Runkle Library


Members present: Vanessa Beauchaine, Deanne Dixon, Tersesa Gallo Toth, Val Godhwani, Danielle Halwick, Marian Voros, Chad Pelton, George Sopel, Amy Hummel (arrived 4:28), Susanna Stern (arrived at 4:35)


Members absent: Rosemary McElroy, Jennifer Shapiro


Reviewed Norms

  • No changes made to agreed upon norms


Approval of Minutes May 8, 2012


Motion was made to approve the minutes. Minutes approved with some minor corrections to formatting. All members in favor of approving minutes with one member abstaining as she was not present on May 8, 2012.


I.               Current Issues/Public Comment


There were no members of the public present.  No public comments or current issues presented.


II.             School Improvement Plan Development


School council members reviewed and discussed the School Improvement Plan goal by goal.


Goal 1: Academic Excellence

Discussion included questions regarding the implementation of the Runkle Achievement Program and its implementation. It was clarified that adult mentoring schedules would occur at mutually convenient times for students and teachers.  Additional discussion was had around the importance of keeping record of the impact this program has on students.


Comments were made regarding editing to include ECS as Enrichment Challenge Support and MCO as Math Challenge Option.


Goal 2: Increase Achievement in Literacy


Conversation noted that literacy coaching for K-2 teachers would involve a bi-weekly pre and post literacy conference with the literacy specialist in addition to once a week literacy coaching during classroom instruction.


K-8 teachers will use the Benchmark Assessment to determine appropriate levels of text for their students.


Goal 3: Increase Achievement in Math


Editing change to reflect that the math specialist will work with K-5 classroom teachers.


Dr. Beauchaine shared that many 4th and 5th graders benefited from this year’s pilot of the Study Island Computer Program.


Dr. Beauchaine noted that there would be a decrease in math specialist support from 1.4 to 1.2 at Runkle School


Dr. Beauchaine introduced the new Targeted Instruction Activity (TIA) model for 6th, 7th, and 8th, grade students.  This model will replace the current “study hall” period and will offer students’ opportunities for support and enrichment in a range of areas that reflect individual student learning needs and interests.


Goal 4: Technology

There was lots of enthusiastic conversation regarding the new technologies to be piloted at Runkle.  Possible pilots are being explored such as a mobile cart of ipads or using a clicker system with the Smart Board in a single class, as well as a possible pilot in the ASD program with ipads as well.


Goal 5: Building Community and a Positive Culture


Dr. Beauchaine shared the positive peer culture at Runkle School and the new I -Care Program that is currently scheduled to begin in the 2nd grades.


A council member brought up the importance of utilizing the town wide Green Goals as we develop a recycling plan and promote a greener school community at Runkle.   It was suggested that the Student Council be involved in using this information to recruit fellow students to be part of the “Runkle School Green Team”.  While not explicitly a Student Council task, these student representatives may choose to target a particular type of “green team” task and enlist other interested students to take on this responsibility.


Goal 6: Promoting Safety and Wellness


An editing change will be reflected in the second action to note that the Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee will be training all staff members.


III.           Other


No other issues were discussed.


Meeting adjourned at 6:02.


Respectfully Submitted.

Marian Voros

Teacher Member

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