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School Council Meeting


Meeting Minutes – DRAFT

Meeting called to order at 4:08pm in the Runkle Library.


Members Present:  V. Beauchaine, D. Dixon, T. Gallo-Toth, V. Godhwani, D. Halwick, A. Hummel (5:00 p.m.), J. Katz , R. McElroy, C. Pelton, J. Shapiro, G. Sopel, S. Stern, M. Voros


I.               Approval of Minutes 3/17/12

The minutes were approved with the correction that “members absent” should have listed V. Godhwani.  It was suggested that the criteria for “substantial completion” should be defined clearly for the community to understand when the building will be ready to be occupied.  Dr. Beauchaine will follow up on the exact criteria.


II.             Public Comment 

No comments.


III.           Updates

*Before the School Improvement Plan progress was presented, the Council agreed to review the updates that were sought at the last School Council meeting:



S. Stern shared that the second unit of the Understanding Disabilities Program was presented on April 10, 2012.  As of today, the students have experienced the vision and hearing units.  Physical disabilities will be presented in May and Intellectual disabilities will be presented in June.  Working along with the new UDP coordinator, Jean Rintell, this summer, the UDP curriculum will undergo another revision.


R. McElroy shared that since each school has their own program that it should be a part of what each school does in conjunction with UDP.


S. Stern shared that Lynne  Chuang has been in touch with Kim Piro from I-CARE, which can help to address other specific disabilities.  V. Beauchaine added that there are a number of texts devoted to Autism in addition to others such as Downs Syndrome.  Parent volunteers are trained to use the selected texts and prompts and visit classrooms to read and discuss the story with individual classrooms.  V. Beauchaine shared that it was positively received in her former school by parents, students, and teachers alike.  She suggested piloting the program with grade two classes and expanding from there.


C. Pelton shared that there is a gap with the older grades.  He suggested that something be piloted with the older students as well.


M. Voros shared that it should be brought past second grade as well.


J. Shapiro stated that is harder and harder for students with disabilities to integrated as students grow socially and developmentally.


Recycling – V. Beauchaine shared that this will be addressed within the SIP progress presentation to follow.


Transition Team – The Transition Team developed a timeline that is accessible on the website.  Currently, the staff is in the process of packing.  The Team has asked Dr. Beauchaine to look into the possibility of having the Transition Team take a tour of the building soon to help visualize what else needs to be addressed.  The Transition Team has also discussed the arrival and dismissal process for Druce Street.


J. Shapiro asked when the Council was going to discuss the arrival and dismissal plan.


V. Beauchaine explained that the proposed draft has been shared in a variety of venues including the Transition Team, PTO, and in smaller meetings with the faculty in addition to the Faculty Meeting today.  Due to time, the SIP progress needs to be discussed first.  If time remains at the end of the meeting, the information gleaned from the previous meetings including new perspectives from today’s faculty meeting will be shared.  Otherwise, the arrival and dismissal plan will be discussed as the first agenda item on May 8, 2012.



IV.           School Improvement Plan Progress


V.  Beauchaine led the Council members through the School Improvement Plan goal by goal sharing the progress to date:


Goal 1:  Academic Excellence

*DCAP was reviewed and updated in November 2011

*Screening tools were used in some grades for Math and the BAS was piloted this year with some students K-8 to determine reading strengths and weaknesses.


Goal 2:  Literacy

*Participates in the Literacy Collaborative with Lesley University.  Kristin Battaglia has been through extensive training as a Literacy Coach.  The Literacy Team participated in five days of training and will serve as a support structure for teaching and learning of Literacy skills and concepts throughout the grades.

*MCAS Action plan was developed based  upon relative weaknesses indicated by the 2011 MCAS results

*Individual Student Success Plans (ISSPs) were developed for each student who scored in the Warning or Needs Improvement Categories.


Goal 3:  Mathematics:

*MCAS Action plan was developed based  upon relative weaknesses indicated by the 2011 MCAS results

*Individual Student Success Plans (ISSPs) were developed for each student who scored in the Warning or Needs Improvement Categories.

*More Math Extension Menus were distributed to teachers this year (K-5)


Goal 4:  Educational Equity

*Runkle Achievement Program – this goal will be included on the 2012-2013 SIP.

*Placement Process – Runkle creates balanced heterogeneous classrooms and will continue this practice.  This will not need to be a SIP goal next year as it is already a general practice at Runkle.


Goal 5:  Community

*64% of the staff respondents on the School Needs Survey indicated that they “agreed” that the time spent meeting as PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) positively impacted teaching and learning.  However, the percentage also indicates that there is room for improvement here.  This goal will continue on the 2012-2013 SIP as well.

*Code of Conduct is being revised.  Staff and students have been involved in the revision process.  Currently the Student Council is looking at all of the staff and student input thus far.

*Survey results indicate that 91% of families reporting feel welcomed into the school.  87% of families reported that they are provided with “school-run” opportunities to be involved in the school.

*Recycling – Limited involvement.  This goal should continue as part of the 2012-2013 SIP in order for Runkle to become a “greener” school.


Goal 6:

*BPCC has been created and includes: 

Staff:  Jen Schultz (Consultant), Vanessa Beauchaine, Jim Stoddard, Rebecca Sneider, Michiko Hattori, Erica Landry, Laura Vish, Alaina Birden, Deanne Dixon, Marian Voros, Hannah Kimball, and Saeed Ola

Parent:  Susanna Stern

Community:  Toby Greenfield and Matt D’Agostino (R.E.D. Directors)

*The Olweus program will be rolled out in the Fall district-wide.

*Middle School Club additions this year included:  Art Club, Science Club, Guitar, Glee Club


Goal 7:  Communication

*Parent Information Sessions (PTO Coffees) included:  Bullying Prevention and Intervention (Dr. Beauchaine), Guidance Services (Rebecca Sneider and Dr. Nadene Moll), Technology (Jenny Murphy), Library Services (Teresa Gallo-Toth), PE and Sports (Jen Shultz)


Additional specific data is being sought from the teachers to complete the progress update prior to the Council meeting on May 8, 2012.


V.             Other

No other items were addressed.  Dr. Beauchaine will provide an update and an opportunity to discuss the arrival and dismissal plan as the first agenda item at the next Council Meeting on May 8, 2012.


Meeting adjourned at 5:30pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Vanessa C. Beauchaine, Ed.D.


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