PTO Meeting Minutes PDF
March 6, 2012
8:05 a.m.-9:30 a.m.

In attendance: Vanessa Beauchaine (Principal), Lynne Chuang, Sandy Costello, Emily Dolbear, Teresa Gallo-Toth (Librarian), Shalini Kasida, Elvira Perez, Jen Reed, Karla Schallies

Principal’s Update

  • Building Update
    Furniture samples from W.B. Mason will be viewed tomorrow. All K-5 classes will have a horseshoe table and a small group table and a computer area with two computers (capacity for four, however). There will be no attached chairs and desks.
  • School Council Elections
    School Council is the advisory board for the principal with parents, staff members, and a member of the community at large. They provide feedback for the School Improvement Plan (SIP). Two parents–Susanna Stern and George Sopol–are ending their terms and stepping down at the end of the school year. Danielle Halwick (Kindergarten Teacher) is ending her term and stepping down at the end of the school year.
  • Upcoming meetings
    Runkle School Building Committee Meeting — 4pm today
    Traffic Plan Meeting — 3/8, 7pm

Librarian’s Update, by Teresa Gallo-Toth

  • A big thank you for literacy funding from the PTO Annual Fund: Giles Laroche (grade 3) on 12/9/11 and Grace Lin (grades K-2) on 1/26/12
  • Next up: Award-winning author Bryan Collier will be coming 5/24 as part of an evening Runkle Reads event at the school, partially funded by the Saker Fund/Brookline Education Foundation and partially by PTO Annual Fund. Audience is 4th-8th grades and their parents.
  • PTO Informational Coffee: 21st Century Library 3/20, 8:15 am in the cafeteria, featuring our Librarian. All are welcome.
  • Scholastic Book Fairs comes to Runkle April 30-May 4. The co-chairs are Runkle parents Jemelle O’Neill and Diane Ring.
  • Look for Summer Reading Program print outs in June!

PTO Events Recap/Update

  • Understanding Disabilities Program
    • One of the UDP coordinators, Lynne Chuang, reported on this year’s programs. There are four sections: Physical Disabilities (5/1, since changed to 5/4); Blindness and Low Vision (last week, 3/2); Deafness and Hard of Hearing (4/10); and Intellectual Disabilities (6/1). This fourth-grade program is run by parents. We need three more volunteers for 4/10 and six more volunteers for 5/4 and two volunteers for 6/1.
  • Bingo Night recap 2/10, 5:30-7:30 pm
    • One of the Bingo Night coordinators, Karla Schallies, reported that there were more than 180 people and 41 volunteers, including 8th grade. Organization, lots of space (Gym, Cafeteria, and Art Room), and signage ensured things ran smoothly this year. Renting tables worked well. Thanks, guys!
  • Drop-in Middle School Science Club, Thursdays starting 3/8, 2:30 pm-3:30pm, run by Djems Domerson (6th Grade Science Teacher) funded entirely by parent donations to the Runkle PTO Annual Fund
  • Mark your calendars
    • Open Forum with Superintendent William H. Lupini at Runkle, 3/13, 8:15 am
    • Math & Science Night, 3/30
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