Runkle School

School Council Meeting


Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 4:09pm in the Runkle Library.


Members Present:  V. Beauchaine, R. McElroy, G. Sopel, A.Hummel, V. Godhwani, D.Halwick, T. Gallo-Toth, M. Voros, D. Dixon, J. Katz


Members Absent: C.Pelton, J. Shapiro, S. Stern


      I.         Approval of Minutes 12/15/11

  1. V.Godhwani shared an email sent to her on 1/6/12 from Scott Murphy with comments and questions regarding the posted draft minutes of the 12/15/11 School Council Meeting.
  2. After reviewing the points of clarification in the email from Scott Murphy, the Council concluded that the SC Minutes as drafted and posted were an accurate reflection of the substance of the conversation that took place at the 12/15/11 School Council Meeting.
  3. G.Sopel motioned to approve the SC Minutes of 12/15/11 as posted in draft form; R.McElroy seconded; nine members approved the minutes and J.Katz abstained


     II.         Public Comment

  1. There was no public comment


   III.         Runkle School Building Project

  1. Dr. Beauchaine shared that she had walked through the new addition on 12-20-11  and that photos will be shared at a later date. She said work has continued on task including overtime hours. She announced that the next Building Committee Meeting is January 31st at 4:00pm.


   IV.         School Needs Survey

  1. Dr. Beauchaine stated that a Brookline District Needs Survey is forthcoming with the draft to be shared at the School Council meeting on February 14th. She explained Runkle will also do a specific Runkle Needs Survey for Parents and for Staff with the goal of participants completing both the District and the Runkle Needs Survey. Dr. Beauchaine handed out a draft copy of the proposed Parent Survey and Staff Survey for review by the Council members.
  2. SC reviewed the wording of the introduction to the Survey, the main topic sections on the Survey, and some of the wording of the questions. Dr. Beauchaine said she will revise the draft survey based on the Council’s suggestions regarding format and phrasing for the next SC Meeting.



    V.         Other

  1. R. McElroy suggested adding as a regular item to the School Council agenda a brief report on the monthly meeting the Superintendent has with School Parent Leadership composed of PTO Chairs and School Council Co-Chairs.



Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm


Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Gallo Toth

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