Science Enrichment – Techsploration at Runkletechsploration1

Techsploration programs are designed to introduce students to technology, science, and problem solving.  This week, Techsploration will conduct workshops and shows at Runkle for Third, Fifth and Sixth graders:

How long of a structure can you build?  How can you make it more stable?  Third graders will participate in the Techsploration Structures workshop where they work collaboratively to solve a construction problem with a structure of their own design, using beams and connectors.

Fifth graders attend the Simple Machines show.  Can a student really lift their teacher using a lever?  How were levers  used in medieval warfare?  How can you control force using gears and  pulleys?  This fun show demonstrates how all simple machines help us do work by trading distance for effort.

Electricity is a topic of study in Sixth grade science.  The hands-on electricity workshop is attended by Sixth graders, and will reinforce much of what they are learning in the Science curriculum.   How do you use circuits and electronics to get electricity to do what you want it to do?  How does a motor work?  What does a fuse do?  They learn about basic electrical components such as resistors, switches, photo sensors, lights, motors, and electromagnets. The class designs and builds basic electronic circuits.

These workshops and shows are funded by the Science Enrichment component of the PTO Budget, made possible by your contributions to the PTO Annual Fund.  Thank you!


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