PTO Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2011

8:30 a.m.–10 a.m.


In attendance: Vanessa Beauchaine (principal), Jim Stoddard (vice principal), Angela Galanopoulos (teacher), Sandra Costello, Sandra Davidson, Emily Dolbear, Amy Hummel, Rosemary McElroy, Scott Murphy, Jemelle O’Neill, Elvira Perez


Principal’s Budget Update

  • Dr. B. talked about the Runkle School budget for Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012. The budgets for FY 2011 ($20,293) and FY 2012 ($23,757) cover student program stipends, postage, instructional supplies, professional learning, and educational equipment. Dr. B. emphasized that these budgets are just a small portion of what it takes to run the school.
  • Dr. B. also shared the final financial reports for recent overnight school field trips. For the 2011 NYC trip for the eighth grade, 52 students participated at a cost of $470 per student (some scholarship funding from various sources was provided). The overall cost was greater, as the trip was planned for 60 students initially and a greater number ofscholarships were needed than in previous years.  Funds were also raised from various sources to lower the overall cost. For the 2011 NYS trip for the seventh grade, 42 students participated at a cost of $165 per student (some scholarship funding from various sources was provided).
  • Parents expressed appreciation for the careful reporting of funds, which can be sizable, as well as making those details available to the community every year.


Upcoming Events Update

  • Halloween Fair, October 21: There is a need for volunteers from 6:30 pm to 8 pm, as well as clean up. Interested people should contact Gabriella Salvatore. There will also be advance ticket sales after school on the black top as well as before and after Friday Morning Meeting.
  • Food on Wheels (to Brookline Food Pantry), October 23: Those who come to the Halloween Fair can also drop off any donated items in collection boxes outside the main office. Angela Galanopoulos will pass a flyer onto student community service coordinator Brea Snyder for the seventh and eighth graders.
  • PTO Coffee: Athletics at Runkle, October 27: Jennifer Schultz will be speaking at this parent coffee. Suggested topics included a rundown of the progression of physical education classes K-8 (What activities do they do?  What are the goals? What is the philosophy behind the approach?) and an overview of after-school athletic activities in grades 5-8. Requests for questions in advance will also run in the Runkle News.
  • Astronomy Night, November 9: This event will take place at 5:30 pm at the Clay Center. Because of space constraints, it will be targeted to fourth and fifth graders and parents. If there is additional space, admission will open to sixth grade students. Mini Kolluri will organize the sign up for the event.


PTO Chairs Update

  • The PTO has not yet received information to generate the directory, but the data entry in school’s main office is going smoothly.
  • Parents interested in participating in school (and PTO) activities should confirm that they have an updated CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) form in the office. Beatrice Moyer in the school’s main office has that information as well as forms.


PTO Board Share

  • Runkle News: Parents were asked for feedback and reminded about the chance to submit relevant information to the newsletter. Feedback was positive.
  • Performing Arts at Runkle (PAAR): Amy H. reviewed the scheduled PAAR performances for the year so far, which include Chinese Ribbon Dancers for first grade, Myth Masters for fifth grade, Taiko drumming for second grade. The rest of the performances are not finalized.


Submitted by PTO Co-Chairs Sandy Costello and Emily Dolbear; notes taken by Elvira Perez, October 19, 2011


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