Runkle School Council

Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2011


Members Present:  V. Beauchaine, D. Dixon (4:30 arrival) T. Gallo-Toth, V. Godhwani, D. Halwick, A. Hummel, R. McElroy, J. Shapiro (4:08 arrival), G. Sopel, S. Stern, M. Voros.

Members Absent:  C. Pelton, J. Katz


Meeting called to order at 4:00 p.m.


I.  Welcome and Introductions

Members introduced themselves and their roles.  V. Beauchaine introduced Dan Green who will be completing his administrative practicum through his work with Dr. Beauchaine and Mr. Stoddard.


II.  Approval of Minutes 6-14-11

Minutes were unanimously approved with no corrections.


III.  Current Issues/Public Comment

Christina Suh shared her questions regarding the school budget including:

*What constraints/directives are there?

*How is the money accounted for in the Student Activities account?

*Are there any other sources of income?

*How are the funds of the large field trips in 7th and 8th grade accounted for?


V. Beauchaine proposed that the Council move up the Review of the Runkle School Budget on the agenda to address the questions.  Council agreed.


IV. Review of Runkle School Budget


Dr. Beauchaine described the building-level budget for FY 2012.  She explained that the bulk of the money that is spent by/at the school is controlled at the district level and, therefore, does not appear in her building-level budget of $23,757.00.  The accounts that are controlled by the principal at the building level are Student Program Stipends (plays, yearbook, etc.), Postage, Instructional Supplies (paper, mostly), Professional Learning/Conferences, and Educational Equipment.


Discussion of the Student Activities Account, which is a pass-through account for handling receipt and payment of field trip monies.  Dr. Beauchaine described new tracking systems being implemented to keep better informed about inflows and payments of money from this account with an eye towards greater control and transparency.


Dr. Beauchaine confirmed that she is continuing to try to find out how homework centers are budgeted by other schools across the district in order to confirm parity with how they are handled at Runkle.


V. Runkle School Council Handbook


Change language related to subcommittees to reflect current practice of establishing subcommittees from time to time in support of council efforts rather than having permanent, standing sub-committees.


Future agenda item:  Discuss constituting a Transition and Communication sub-committee(s) to support upcoming move back to Runkle building on Druce Street.


Change language to reflect current town-wide practice that the SIP is delivered to the Superintendent (rather than the School Committee).


Jennifer Shapiro moved to approve the updated Runkle School Council Handbook with changes as described.  Rosemary McElroy seconded.  10 votes in favor, 1 abstention.


VI. School Council Co-Chair


Rosemary McElroy was nominated for 2011-12 co-chair of the council by Amy Hummel and elected by unanimous vote.


VII. School Improvement Plan Updates

Time ran short for detailed updates.  Dr. Beauchaine explained that SIP updates would happen throughout the year and current changes would be color-coded for ease of use.  She indicated that she would send the latest update to council members via email prior to the November meeting.



VIII.  Building Project Update


Dr. Beauchaine reminded council members of a meeting on 10/14/11 at Town Hall to discuss playground equipment and encouraged any interested parties to attend.



Respectfully submitted,


Rosemary McElroy


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