Welcome Back!

The short iMovie includes footage from two visits to the Druce Street campus this summer:  August 4th and August 25th.  You may have caught a glimpse of the work from the outside as you drove by.  While you tour the inside with this movie, there are a few visual cues that are provided below to let you know where you are in the building:

  • The former Kindergarten rooms have an open wall that leads to the courtyard.
  • Courtyard has one wall open showing 20% complete and is closed in during the section that shows 33% complete
  • The wall where the reinforced concrete is going in is the exterior wall of the new cafeteria
  • The Library/Media center has high ceilings and the far wall is split with a purple wall (old library) and the yellow wall (old cafeteria)
  • In the 33% portion, you will see that the old gym is being transformed into the multi-purpose room and the area is cleared for the stage.
  • In the 20% portion, there is a man scraping off roof tiles to make room for the new Art Room.  In the 33% portion, the Art Room is identified by a yellow wall and is closed in by plastic.
  • Portions of the building that were completely gutted previously, you will see now have the steel up ready for the walls to be put up.

The short term goal is to have the exterior up before the cold weather sets in and currently, everything is on target!

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