PTO Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2011

8:05 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.
Attendance: Vanessa Beauchaine, Mini Kolluri, Emily Dolbear, Sandy Costello, Jemelle O’Neill, Thanese Beaumont, Elvira Perez, Emeshe Juhasz-Mininberg, Jayne Friedberg, Val Godhwani, Diane Ring, Amy Hummel, Rosemary McElroy, Teresa Gallo-Toth

Principal’s Update

School Council Elections• There are two three-year openings for parent members.  The PTO will send out details about running for and voting in School Council elections.Variety Show• An all-school Variety Show will be held in the gymnasium on May 19 at 7 pm. A sixth grader will emcee.• There will be a suggested donation of $5 per person to be donated to Help Japan.

Librarian Update

Book Fair• 12 cases will be coming on April 27-28.  Books will be set up on the April 29, which is also the training day.• Jemelle O. and Diane R. are Book Fair co-chairs, working with Teresa Gallo-Toth to coordinate parent volunteers, book sales, etc. • The Book Fair runs from May 2 to May 6.• Book Fair Family Night will be Thursday, May 5.

Website Is Live!

Thanks to Paul Smith for his dedication and work on the website. Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the site.

Annual Fund Update

Thanks to Annual Fund Team; Val G. gave the following information.• Numbers to date: We are at a record 59% participation, with donations totaling $57,700.• Challenge update: It looks like 40 members of community stepped forward to meet the challenge.• The end date is April 15, 2011, though donations are welcome any time. PTO will send thank you email to community.

Spring Cycle Grant Award Update

Thanks to Amy H. for leading the Grant Committee.• The budget was $4,500.• Teresa Gallo-Toth was awarded $500 for PlayAways; 4th grade teachers and Jenny Murphy were awarded $1000 for Elmo document camera with projector; ASD program was awarded $200 for flip camera with stand for video modeling; Rebecca Sneider was awarded $200 for group games; 3rd grade teachers were awarded $130 for timers.  All applications were approved to receive a grant this cycle.*Amy sought approval for additional $500 funding for Ca’shore Marionettes so that they can present an additional performance; performances will be for grades 3-5 and 6-8.  All members present approved.

Upcoming Events: Scheduling, Planning, and Volunteers

• Author Visit on Friday, April 15: Tim Green – 8:15 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. in Library for grades 5 and 6

• Music and Arts Festival

• Astronomy Night: May 6th, 250 Clay Center Observatory

• Math and Science Night: Rosemary M. will take lead

Brookline Teen Center

Feedback on getting the word out at Runkle, find possible liaison • Students may be interested in attending a pizza night to find out more.

Next Meeting’s Topics

Treasurer’s Update, Finding Bingo co-chair, a Runkle News editor, World Language Coffee
—Submitted by PTO Co-Chairs Mini Kolluri, Sandy Costello, and Emily Dolbear

April 19, 2010




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