Starting with a single pile of 999 coins, a person does the following in a series of steps: In step one, he splits the pile into two nonempty piles. Thereafter, at each step, he chooses a pile with 3 or more coins and splits this pile into two piles. What is the largest number of steps that is possible?

Last week’s problem and solution

A Quarter Pounder

A quarter-pound hamburger contains approximately 80 calories per ounce of meat, an average french fry contains about 14 calories, a cola contains about 10 calories per ounce, and a bun contains 200 calories. Suppose you have a quarter-pound hamburger with a bun and six ounces of cola. How many french fries can you eat and still keep your meal below 800 calories?

15. We have 80h + 14f + 10c + 200 < 800. Using the information in the problem we can write 80(4) + 14f + 10(6) + 200 < 800. This implies that 14f < 220 and f < 16. Therefore, you can eat 15 french fries.

From Eric Lass, 7th & 8th grade Math Teacher


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