This week begins the Understanding Disabilities Program for the 4th grade. This is a town wide program aimed at increasing students’ awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. There are four units to be held for fourth graders during the spring: Deafness, Blindness, Physical Disabilities and Intellectual Impairments. A new unit on Autism is being considered as well for later this spring.

Parent participation is essential to this program. In particular we need about 8 volunteers for each unit; there is training 8-8:30am in the library the morning of the units, and no prior knowledge is needed.

Please let Elvira Perez ( (elviraperez null@null hotmail know if you can participate in any of the following units which run from 8am – 10:30am each day:

  • Deafness: Friday, March 11
  • Blindness: Friday, April 15
  • Intellectual: Friday, May 6
  • Physical: Thursday, May 28

Susanna Stern, Elvira Perez, Tami Petler, Lynn Chuang, and Donna Petler

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