New Mandates…

Over the past few weeks we have been weighing and measuring children at Runkle School.  This is a state mandate to deal with the problem of childhood obesity.   Research supports that lower rates of obesity occur in children who are identified to be at risk when they receive early intervention.

Children in grades 5 and 8 have heights and weights done as part of the Fitnessgram, a health-related physical fitness assessment.  Fitnessgram reports will be sent out by the physical education teachers soon.

Reports of heights, weights and BMI’s will be sent home in grades 1 and 4.  The BMI is a number calculated from the student’s height and weight and gives information concerning body fat.  It is not a direct measurement of body fat, but is a useful alternative to direct measurement of body fat.

In the coming weeks we will begin scoliosis screening, also a state mandated program.  This is done in grades 5 through 8 and will take place privately with each student in the PE office.  If any problems are found a letter will be sent home.  Students wishing to be exempt from this screening must bring a note from a doctor.


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