School Council Minutes



The meeting came to order at 3:30pm.

Council members in attendance: Joe Connelly, Jim Stoddard, Judy Katz, Teresa Gallo-Toth, Michelle Schweiger, Danielle Halwick, Rosemary McElroy, Amy Hummell, George Sopel, Susanna Stern.


No members of the public were in attendance.


The first topic was the transition to Old Lincoln. The members reviewed the Question and Answer Sheet , and discussed related topics including timing of the move and construction, moving teachers’ boxes and how the parents and students can assist the teachers with this process, tweaks to the floor plan at Old Lincoln, storage and final repairs and clean up there.


The second topic was the 2010/2011 School Improvement Plan (SIP), and clarification of the Enrichment and Challenge Support program (ECS) and its relationship to Differentiated Learning (DI) at Runkle. There was extensive discussion of how this works in the classrooms and what kind of goal could be included in the SIP. The decision was made to form a task force in the fall of 2011 in order to get more information about ECS at the school and what, if any, improvements could be made, and to propose a goal to be included in the SIP next year.


The third topic was the anti-bullying legislation, the town’s requirements and its implementation at Runkle. As discussed previously, a Social Competency task force will be formed in the fall of 2011 to address these requirements and their implementation at Runkle. The task force will actively seek out input from the school community.


The staffing update included information on new hiring in Special Education and 7th and 8th grade.


The April 28 minutes were approved by all members, with two abstentions due to non-attendance at that meeting.


The mandatory training for School Council members next fall was discussed. Those listed in the April 28 minutes will be required to attend.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:30pm.


Prepared and submitted by Susanna Stern.

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