PTO Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2011
8:05 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

In attendance: Tamar Petler, Jemelle O’Neill, Jen Reed, Sandy Costello, Emily Dolbear, Thanese Beaumont, Mini Kolluri, Scott Murphy, Rosemary McElroy, Val Godhwani, Vanessa Beauchaine

Principal’s Update

  • Dr. Beauchaine shared ideas on feedback she received on Middle School clubs (funded by PTO) ideas from the kids.   Ideas for next year include Improv, Sketch Writing, Cartooning, Glee Club, Dance
  • Variety Show to benefit Japan quake relief on 5/19: stage coming from Pierce. School needed 6 parent volunteers – parents on each side of stairs, also to collect donations and sell raffle tickets. 

Librarian Update

  • Book Fair recap: Big success, final numbers not in.  Approx. $1,500-$2,000 expected for the Library.  Easy scan method of checkout used this year.
  • Author visits: Peter Lourie will potentially come back in the Fall for a writing workshop
  • Playaways funded by PTO Grants being ordered this week.
  • Library will stop checking out books in the Second week of June

 Annual Fund Update

  • Final numbers: $59,500, 60% participation.   Thank you to Sharone Jelden and Val Godhwani, Annual Fund co-chairs.

Upcoming Events: Planning and Volunteers

  • Math and Science Night is on May 20. Rosemary McElroy and Ron Rubin coordinators.    Ron R. has feelers out for the tables/activities.  Food will be served in the cafeteria.   Event will run from 5:30 – 8 p.m.
  • Music and Arts Festival will run May 23-27.  Individual and group musical performances, including the chorus, band.
  • International Night, June 3
  • Spring Food on Wheels, May 22.  Emily D. provided overview of event, which is a food donation program for the Brookline pantry, with involvement by children. 
  • Brookline Teen Center Pizza Evening: Scott M. to coordinate a date with Gwen Ossenfort.

Event Coordinators for Next Year:

  • Many candidates for leading events identified, need additional volunteers.


  • Recruiting Coffee: Time/location, May 31 or Jun 2
  • Enrichment and Challenge Support Coffee, tentatively scheduled for May 26, will now be next year due to ECS resource availability.
  • Last coffee of the year is May 26
  • Group floated ideas for more social coffees/breakfasts next year

Wrap Up

  • Tim Green Author visit: Emily D. – PTO donated $750 worth of books in lieu of payment for author Tim Green’s visit.  Donation made to McKinley school in Boston
  • Astronomy Night: Mini K. – 120 people attended this event for Runkle families at the Clay Center.  It was a great event, including a Galileo show, enjoyed by the Runkle families.  Ideas for improvements (including making more grade focused) next year to be discussed with the Clay Center director.

Upcoming meetings

  • Additional meeting for board to discuss budget in first week of June.  Final budget/election meeting towards end of June.

Ideas floated by various board members:

  • Service week idea
  • Next year – monthly donation program
  • Topics for next meeting: conversation for next meeting: cafeteria supervision during lunch
  • Brought up by Jen Reed: Event Coordinators need to give quicker response to volunteers on times slotted.

 Sepac share: (Thanese Beaumont)

  • Chat with Tracy Paradise how to plan events
  • Suggestions: Add visual map (for International Night)
  • Recipe cards for food, benefiting kids with diet restrictions
  • Noise cancellation headphones at events, or earplugs at door.
  • Rebecca Kemp has volunteered time out space at events if needed
  • Assistant Superintendent of Student Services: Donna Finnegan.  Kiersten – Denise Rochland is retiring.
  • Walk for Autism at Suffolk Downs


– Submitted by PTO Co-Chairs Mini Kolluri, Sandy Costello, and Emily Dolbear

May 31, 2011


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