School Council Minutes


The meeting came to order at 4:00 pm

Council members in attendance: Joe Connelly, Ben Chang, Teresa Gallo- Toth, Danielle Halwick, Judy Katz, Rebecca Kemp, Rosemary McElroy, Kayla Myerson, Jennifer Shapiro, Michelle Schweiger, George Sopel, Jim Stoddard, Vanessa Beauchaine.

Members of the public in attendance: Scott Murphy, Sue Sturman

1. The first bullet point of section 5 of the minutes from the April 6, 2010 meeting were modified to read: “greater Autism Awareness among our students beginning at the lower grades” thus. reflecting the Council’s agreement that such an initiative should stand on its own and not be addressed through the 4th grade Understanding Disabilities Unit~

2. The modified minutes Of the April 6, 2010 meeting were accepted.

3. Dr. Connelly outlined the process of completing the Runkle School Improvement Plan, including the first draft which is due to the Superintendent’s office on May 4th, 2010. He presented a status update of the 2009-2010 SIP and anticipated initiatives for the 20 to-2011 SIP, both in outline form. Rosemary McElroy will provide a narrative version of the status update as well as an executive summary of the anticipated initiatives based on these outlines for inclusion in the 2010-2011 SIP.

4. Dr. Connelly led a point-by-point discussion of the working copy of the draft of the SIP.

Highlights include:

a. The document will be titled the 2011 Runkle School Improvement Plan, reflecting the fIscal year of the district

b. Under Strategy 1.2 – Michelle Schweiger and Jim Stoddard informed the council that the district expects to complete the full set of Extension Menus to support differentiated instruction within grades 1-5. General agreement that the goal should be to see “extensive use” of the Extension Menus throughout these grades during the 2010-11 school year.

c. Teresa Gallo-Toth asked that future SIPs should “put the same lens to literacy as has been put to math over the last several years.” Jennifer Shapiro added that writing should be a particular focus as well General discussion about putting some language in the current SIP, under Strategy 1.2 about this.

d. General discussion of Critical Friends Groups and how/whether this can be expanded to include more teachers.

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