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Joseph Connelly, Danielle Halwick,  Ben Chang, Rebecca Kemp, Kayla Myerson, Jennifer Shapiro, Teresa Gallo-Toth, Jim Stoddard, Suzanne Stern, George Sopel, Kate Hollander (Guest)

Dr. Connelly opened the meeting at 4:00PM by distributing the 12/21/09 meeting packets. Jim Stoddard moved the minutes of the 11/19/09 be approved with one correction: under item #3 Michelle Bernstein’s name changed to Teresa Gallo-Toth. Jennifer Shapiro seconded motion passed 9-0.

  1. Grade 7/8 Winter Play.

Kate Hollander briefed the council on the upcoming winter play. This year the grade 7 and 8 students will perform “Inherit the Wind” by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. This year the performances will be held on Thursday February 4th at 7:30PM, Friday February 5th at 8PM, Saturday February 6th at 7:30PM and Monday February 8th at B.H.S. The cost to participate is $15.00 which helps cover production costs. Kate indicated the rehearsal schedule was very demanding during the months of December and January. Kate also indicated all grade 7 and 8 students who express interest in participating in the play get involved either as members of the cast or as vital behind the scenes helpers.

  1. Home/School Communications

Dr. Connelly briefed the council on a recent misuse of the School Directory. He indicated the Directory was meant to be used for Runkle Parent personal use, and the information contained in the directory is not to be disseminated and used for any other purpose. Effective with the 2010/2011 School Year, the PTO has agreed to publish the School Handbook and School Directory separately so that the Handbook would be available for school wide dissemination the first week of school. The School Directory will be published in late fall once all student enrollment information is official. The Directory will also include a “Use Statement” which will explain how it is to be used by the parents.

  1. Update on Old Lincoln School

After a brief update on how transition planning was going it was agreed that a Parent-Information Night should be planned so that parents will be provided with an accurate update on all Runkle School Building Project issues. This meeting should be held in late January/early February at the latest.

Dr. Connelly reported that Mark Lowenstein (Runkle Parent) and Mary Murphy (Brookline Public Schools Transportation Clerk) were working on preliminary bus routes. Dr. Connelly hoped to have preliminary bus routes ready for review and for identification of most appropriate bus stops by early January 2010.

  1. 2010 School Council Elections

Letter to P.T.O. requesting their coordination of this year’s School Council Elections was reviewed. It was confirmed that we had two (2) parent 3 year term vacancies and one (1) community representative vacancy. It was hoped that the nomination of candidates and actual election of council members could take place during the month of January so that new members could attend the February meeting.

  1. Update Runkle School Principalship Search

Ben Chang updated the School Council on the “fast track” search process that Superintendent Lupini had recommended and sought approval to use. Ben indicated that Dr. Lupini had met with the Runkle Staff and with current parents holding leadership positions to explain his rationale. Ben indicated that Dr. Lupini hoped to have finalists selected by early January. A small group of highly qualified candidates would be interviewed by a broad-based committee of Runkle parents, teachers, School Administrators, and School Committee Members. This group would identify finalists for Dr. Lupini’s consideration.

  1. Other

Dr. Connelly disseminated a timeline for the creation of the 2010-2011 School Improvement Plans. This timeline called for each School Council to work on 2009/2010 goals through their February meetings. March and April meetings should be dedicated to the creation of Draft SIP plans to be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools for approval on or before May 24, 2010.

  1. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 5:45PM.

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