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Joseph Connelly, Rosemary McElroy, Ben Chang, Jennifer Shapiro, George Sopel,  Rebecca Kemp, Suzanne Stern, Michelle Bernstein, Teresa Gallo-Toth,  Jim Stoddard, Danielle Halwick

Dr. Connelly reported newly appointed teacher representative Kayla Myerson was unable to attend due to a graduate course conflict.  She hopes to begin attending all meetings in December 2009.

  1. Runkle School Building Project Update.

Dr. Connelly reported the Runkle School Bld. Project appropriation of $29,100.000 passed by unanimous vote at the Special Town Mtg. held on Tuesday Nov. 17, 2009.  He thanks all the parents for their strong support and presentations at Town Meeting.

It was also reported over the next three months the Runkle project will go before the Brookline Planning Board and The Board of Appeals as the permitting process is completed.  A strong representation of parents at these upcoming meetings would be helpful in promoting the need for this Bld. Project.

  1. Old Lincoln School Planning Update.

Dr. Connelly disseminated draft copies of the proposed Runkle School “Floor Plan” for The Old Lincoln School.  He indicated the “plans” acceptance was contingent on build-cut costs not exceeding $50,000 and the ability of some exsisting spaces to be redesigned.  In particular Room 107 needs a dividing wall removed and Rooms 308 and 208 need walls constructed.  It was  also highlighted the current building use proposal called for the Old Lincoln School Auditorium to be divided into three major areas to house the Library, Computer Lab and teacher work area.

Dr. Connelly also updated the council on the status of Runkle School Bus Routes. He indicated Mary Murphy and Mark Lowenstein were developing preliminary bus routes to be reviewed by a parent “Bus Route” subcommittee in early January.

Everyone agreed a special Parent meeting to discuss all aspects of the Old Lincoln School move should be planned for a January/February 2010 time frame.

  1. Circle of Power and Respect Grades 7/8 (Responsive Classroom Initiative).

Danielle Halwick and Michelle Bernstein briefed the School Council on Responsive Classroom implementation progress in grades K-6.  They also spoke briefly on a newly developed program that would allow Responsive Classroom initiatives to be expanded into grades 7 and 8.

After a brief discussion, everyone supported discussing the continuation and adaption of RC with the grade 7/8 Runkle Teaching Staff.

  1. Runkle School Principalship Search.

Ben Chang, Rosemary McElroy and Jenn Shapiro discussed and reviewed a meeting they had with Supt. Of Schools Dr. Lupini.  Everyone supported The Supt. Of Schools proposal of initially attempting to finalize the Runkle School Principalship Search by only interviewing highly qualified select candidates as identified by Dr. Lupini.  It was Dr. Lupini’s goal to complete the search for a new principal for Runkle School and Lincoln School before other competing school systems had initiated their elementary/middleschool principalship searches.  In this way Brookline would have access to a very strong pool of candidates.

Ben Chang reported Dr. Lupini hoped to complete the search for a permanent Runkle School Principal by early January at the latest.

  1. Staff Issue Update.

Dr. Connelly reported on second grade teacher Marcy Bienen’s medical condition and her need to be on an extended leave. Suggested strategies for informing the parents and providing coverage were discussed.

  1. 2010 School Council Elections

After reviewing the current term status of each member it was agreed the Runkle PTO would be requested to coordinate All-School elections to fill two three year parent representative terms.  One to replace Michael Noble and one to fill the expired term of Jennifer Shapiro.  It was  also noted the Runkle School Council had a vacant Community Representative position.

The meeting was adjorned at 5:45PM

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